This blog is dedicated to Sophie…

 Question 1 Sophie

I am so desperate for an answer to my question. Please help me understand what is happening. Our beautiful 6 year old daughter Sophie has leukemia. We have been told by our specialist that she is unlikely to survive her 7th birthday, although he has stressed that she could go into remission after the chemotherapy. My husband insisted on the truth or his best guess from the specialist and that was what he was told. We have two other daughters who are fine and love their little sister. They were looking forward to all going to school together but Sophie has been too ill to start. I cannot stop my tears from flowing; writing this letter has been difficult because as I write I realize that I cannot stop the inevitable and I don’t want it to happen.

Annie and Dawn our other two, they are 9 and 11 have been so supportive of me and my husband they really are beyond their years. It’s just me; I need to know why she has leukemia and why she is going to die so young. We don’t go to church but have bought them all up to believe in God and be Christian in their outlook and approach to other people. Sophie seems to know that she is not going to live for very much longer and just seems to be able to accept it. She says that she is going to join the fairies soon and is looking forward to it! The nurses have said that when she comes in for treatment she is like a tiny one of them running round looking after the other children who are closer to death than she is. They say that she just seems to know the ones who are going to live and those who are not going to leave the hospital. How does she know? She is only 6 years old. I can’t bear to lose her. Please help.

Question 1 Sophie Answer

Your letter contains a number of different questions concerning the nature of life and death and our interaction with each aspect. Firstly your daughter Sophie contains the soul of Sophie. The soul is on its journey from her Spirit before birth, through life, through death, to return to her Spirit. This is the journey we are all personally making. It may take various forms depending on which culture/ country is chosen to incarnate into. Sophie’s choice included you and your husband as her mum and dad, and your daughters as sisters. Sophie also chose her short life with all it contained, because it would fulfill her soul’s need to learn what she has. The leukemia choice was chosen to bring all those involved in the terminal illness and the treatment of that illness into contact with one another so that each may learn from that contact, that includes the doctors, nurses, children, the specialists who design the drugs to combat the illness her sisters and their friends, their Mums and Dads; in fact anyone who came into contact with Sophie on her short journey. This list also includes anyone who reads these words. The common denominator in all those lives is Sophie. Quite an impact for a six year old!

The journey for a child that passes from this dimension at or near death continues in a different dimension. Learning and growth continues in spirit with the co-joining of the Soul to the Spirit. Growth and therefore contact is not diminished but is strengthened in this different dimension. Sophie will have chosen the point of death and the planned after contact with her family. Sophie is, and will continue to be you’re much loved daughter and you are her much loved parents even though she may not be physically with you. She will continually engage in support and guidance of you all on your own chosen journeys. This becomes possible through the love that she has been shown and for the love she has for you all.

The matching of the vibrations of energy necessary for close contact are easier if there is much love between the family and that is expressed often in remembrance of her. Your daughter Sophie is aware of the guides and helpers of those children terminally ill who draw near whenever the soul in their charge is due to leave its physical body. She will also be familiar with her own guides who are with her. The information would be shared by all those unseen helpers who support the passing of the soul and that is why Sophie appears to know who are about to leave.

I hope that I have given you a way of finding answers that satisfy your need but if you require more information of a deeper nature please do not hesitate to ask.

John Barrett